Professional Home Loan

Professional Package home loans bundle together various products with your lender, including credit cards, personal loans, savings and transaction accounts, generally for one annual fee.

Years ago, this type of package was only offered to professionals like doctors, accountants and lawyers. But now, anyone can also apply.

Professional Package loans offer lending discounts to borrowers based on loan to value ratio (LVR) and the size of your loan - with discounts generally starting for loans greater than $150,000 with a number of banks and lenders.

For loans greater than $500,000 Switch Now Home Loans Credit Advisers have negotiated rate discounts with major lenders up to 1.45% off of the standard variable rate. Professional rate products are hard to beat. They provide you with a very competitive rate along with all the features most borrowers are wanting today. Call us today if you are looking to take out a new loan or thinking of switching or refinancing your existing home loan.