RBA appoints new head of domestic markets

RBA appoints new head of domestic markets

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced that Dr Marion Kohler has been appointed as head of the domestic markets department.

Ms Kohler, who has been deputy head of the international department since 2015 (and had also worked in the economic research departments), takes on the role from Chris Aylmer, who became head of the risk and compliance department late last year.

According to the RBA, Ms Kohler was chosen after consideration of a "competitive field of internal and external candidates".

She will now be responsible for the RBA's operations in the domestic money and bond markets, as well as being in charge of analysing developments in domestic financial markets, including the cost and availability of finance through financial intermediaries and capital markets, and providing regular advice to the governors and the board on these issues.

Ms Kohler holds a PhD in economics from the European University Institute, Florence (Italy) and has published extensively on macroeconomics, including on monetary policy, exchange rates and financial crises. She has also previously held roles at the Bank for International Settlements and the Bank of England.